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YMMM Program with Clinton teaching



Your Money Matters Financial Mentoring Program was founded in Tacoma, Washington in 2018 to fill a gap that exists with the current financial coaching, counseling, advising and financial literacy programs within economically vulnerable, low-income communities and local schools. 

One of the major needs Your Money Matters addresses is that even after participating in financial education classes, coaching, or counseling sessions, many individuals conclude the course or session thinking, “now what?” and wondering how to implement what they learned. Your Money Matters program picks up where these programs leave off. Your Money Matters fills that gap by pairing individuals with trained and dedicated mentors who can help shepherd them at their own pace through the often-overwhelming maze of personal finance – from assisting them in determining which bank account is best to filling out a W-2 form to mitigating commercial debt to creating a household budget – mentors are there every step of the way.


Our overarching goal is to mentor individuals on how to access and participate in their financial health, how to make informed financial decisions, and how to responsibly manage their money to build and protect their assets, establish the financial safety nets, habits, and practices that will have tremendous implications on their lives, and the lives of their current or future children.

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