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Privacy Policy for
Your Money Matters Mentoring



YOUR MONEY MATTERS MENTORING legally owns the This website is created for the purpose of the company’s ambitious move to cater to its target market needs in the commercial, educational, governmental, charitable, cultural, and/or social functions and platforms.  


This document discusses and covers the privacy and confidentiality policies of The management believes that the privacy rights of its clients and subscribers must be prioritized at all times and must not be compromised. In line with this, this WEBSITE PRIVACY POLICY will cover the following sections and aspects: 












OBJECTIVES AND SIGNIFICANCE’s PRIVACY POLICY is duly crafted, organized and structured to achieve and realize the following objectives and goals: 


  1. To ensure that the rights to privacy of the website’s clients, subscribers, and users is secured;

  2. To avoid the occurrence of hacking incidents and/or any kind of unauthorized disclosure and information usage relevant to the information inputted by the website’s clients, subscribers, and users as well as any and all kinds of company information;

  3. To fully gain the trust and reliance from the website’s clients, subscribers, and users on the company handling ; 

  4. To legally comply with the standard rules and regulations pertaining to confidentiality and privacy of certain kinds of data and information.





With the advent of globalization which brought about rapid changes and developments in the field of Information Technology, personal and business information are more susceptible to illegal affairs and activities. Every online user must be vigilant in protecting his or her information especially in terms of storage, use, and dissemination. 


In line with the foregoing, the following are the generally-accepted privacy principles adopted by


  1. Proper handling and treatment of any kind of personal information and/or personally identifiable data that is submitted or collected from any client, subscriber, or user of the website or its services;

  2. Strict implementation of a secure medium to protect the data and information submitted and/or collected from any client, subscriber, or user of the website;

  3. Encryption of any and all kinds of data and/or information submitted or collected from any client, subscriber, or user while in transit to avoid and to prevent interception from third parties.





YOUR MONEY MATTERS MENTORING considers itself as an important contributor to the strict implementation of this privacy policy. The management of posits also that the users and subscribers themselves play a vital role in the implementation and operation of this policy. 


In this regard, certain responsibilities with which the management and the website’s clients, subscribers, and users must exemplify in order to achieve the stated objectives of this privacy policy.




  1. Oversee the implementation of the confidentiality and privacy measures for pursuant to the conditions of this privacy policy;

  2. Conduct research studies consistently relevant to the privacy policy standards followed within the business industry and update this privacy policy to match and to implement the latest policy standards;

  3. Provide sufficient avenues and areas which will be used to resolve disputes and issues efficiently within the course of the execution of this privacy policy.


Clients, Subscribers, and Users


  1. Diligently follow and comply with the set policies set out under this privacy policy in order to maintain the confidentiality of any and all information transmitted or submitted through the use of ;

  2. Understand that any kind of information stored online cannot be made one-hundred percent secure and may be intercepted, collected, and/or used by third parties. Despite such constraints, the management seeks to protect the information being submitted and/or collected through the website.




This section deals with the following aspects: 


  • Types of Information Collected 

  • Terms of Usage 

  • Terms of Information Storage 


Types of Information Collected 


Type and Nature of the Information


Basic Personal Details

Name, Residence Address, Email Address, Telephone Number, Age, Gender 

From third parties, users, clients, advertisers, and etc.

Basic Business Details

Business Name, Business Address, Email Address, Business Telephone Number, Year Established

From third parties, users, clients, advertisers, and etc. 


Terms of Usage 


Type and Nature of the Information



Basic Personal Details

From third parties, users, clients, advertisers, and etc. 

This information serves as our tool to see how the website is utilized. We make the necessary updates and changes on the website for faster and efficient usage.


Terms of Information Storage 


Type and Nature of the Information



Basic Personal Details

From third parties, users, clients, advertisers, and etc.

Information is stored in a server protected by encryption and a password. Only the users with such a password may access the information indicated and the website itself. The client and any other users related to the client may access the website and make use of its services. Disposal of any and all kinds of information within the website is made easy with only a click of the ‘Delete’ button.  


INFORMATION SHARING                            

                                                                                        ensures and manifests its commitment to ensuring the security of the uploaded information by its clients and end-users. In terms of information sharing, the following policies and regulations are adopted and implemented: 


Information submitted and collected by the website’s clients, subscribers, and users through the use of may only be shared to any third party entity only when:


  • The client, subscriber, or user requested through the website to disclose information on certain products and/or services;


  • Upon demand of any kind of legal court order of any legal process with which the client, subscriber, or user is involved in;


  • The use of information collected as a way to establish or to exercise the management’s legal right or defense against any kind of legal action;


  • Upon due request from the client, subscriber, or user.


The management is strictly prohibited to engage in illegal downloading and storing of information without securing the consent of the client, subscriber, and/or user who owns such information. Disclosure of the information categorized as confidential and private under this website privacy policy shall be subject to the laws stated under [LAW/ACT] and shall be grounds for violation/offense involving the necessary legal proceedings.


GUIDELINES FOR INFORMATION PROTECTION AND PRESERVATION                    observes and adheres to the following privacy rules and regulations: 


  1. Any and all kinds of personal and/or confidential information submitted or collected through shall be shared, disclosed, and/or used only for the purposes of:

    • Improvement of products and/or services provided;

    • Customization of the website for efficient and effective usage;

    • Storage and records of the management;

    • Method of contact and/or communication between the management, its clients, subscribers, and users, and relevant third parties associated with such website users aforementioned.

  2. Any and all kinds of illegal disclosure on any information considered as private shall be subject to a violation of and shall be subject to the necessary legal measures following the aforementioned law.

  3. The clients, subscribers, and users of the shall be given the discretion to set up their personal accounts as a way to participate in the services, forums, and communities the management has set up on the aforementioned website. In these connections, deleting the account made is also upon the discretion of the client, subscriber, and/or user who created the account.

  4. Updating the information submitted by any client, subscriber, and/or user through the website shall be the responsibility of such client, subscriber, and/or user and not of the management.

  5. There is a set age group and range who can make use of and utilize the products and/or services of the . The protection of the privacy of children is essential and important for management.


EXCLUSIONS AND LIMITATIONS                               


The terms of this website privacy policy do not cover the following: 


  1. Information obtained by and/or collected from other entities and businesses not associated with YOUR MONEY MATTERS MENTORING.

  2. The management of shall not be held responsible for the privacy practices of third-party websites that are linked through the aforementioned website.




The parties are obliged to preserve the integrity of any and all material and confidential information which were shared and disclosed by the parties to each other in the course of the operation of the

Nothing in this policy allows any of the involved parties to disclose or share to third persons or entities any confidential information, including but not limited to the following: 


  1. Name

  2. Phone

  3. Email

  4. Address

  5. Payment Information

  6. Other personal information


A breach of this confidentiality clause by any of the involved parties entitles the other party to claim for a penalty $1000 USD. This is without prejudice to the right of the injured party to seek and instigate a legal action before a court of competent jurisdiction. 

Last edited September 17, 2022.

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