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Exploring Corner Betting at 8XBet: A Comprehensive Guide

For a long time, football betting has been considered one of the most favored forms of entertainment, not only in Vietnam but also in many countries around the globe. This popularity stems from the thrilling experiences provided by each minute of the game, offering participants a chance to transform their lives. However, not everyone can become wealthy from this sport without mastering the perfect football betting strategies shared by seasoned experts. Let's wintips dive into the details with a trusted bookmaker to learn more about this fascinating betting market.

Understanding Corner Betting

Corner betting at 8XBet is a type of football bet focusing on the number of corner kicks awarded to both teams during the match or a specific half. Unlike traditional Asian handicap or over/under bets, this type of bet offers players the opportunity to predict based on the teams' playing styles, tactics, and some objective factors.

What is Corner Betting?

Corner betting is an interesting type of bet in football betting, where players predict the total number of corner kicks recorded in a match or a half. In this bet, the match result does not affect the outcome of the bet, creating an independent and exciting betting opportunity for players. This feature makes corner betting an important part of the football betting market, attracting interest from players worldwide.

Common Types of Corner Bets

This betting form is gradually becoming a potential "gold mine" in the football betting market, attracting many players due to its simplicity, ease of understanding, and attractive profit opportunities. To successfully conquer corner bets, you need to be well-versed in the following popular types of corner bets:

Over/Under Corner Bets

Players predict whether the total number of corner kicks in the match/half will be higher (Over) or lower (Under) than the odds provided by the bookmaker arcaea.

Example: If the bookmaker offers an over/under corner bet of 10.5 for the entire match, players bet on Over if the total number of corners in the match exceeds 10, and bet on Under if the total number of corners is less than 10.

Handicap Corner Bets

One team will be given a certain number of corner kicks as a handicap compared to the other team. Players bet on either the handicapped team or the team giving the handicap based on their prediction of the actual number of corner kicks each team will achieve.

Example: If the betting sites greece offers a handicap corner bet with Manchester City giving Liverpool 2 corner kicks, players bet on Manchester City if they believe Manchester City will have more than 2 corners than Liverpool, and bet on Liverpool if they believe Liverpool will have the same or more corners than Manchester City.

Odd/Even Corner Bets

This is the simplest type of bet, with a 50% winning rate. Players only need to predict whether the total number of corners by both teams will be odd or even.

Next Corner Bet

This bet type involves predicting which team will be awarded the next corner kick after the first one.

No Corner Bet

This is a risky bet where players predict that no team will be awarded a corner kick during the match. While the winning rate is high, the risk is also significant.

Last 5-Minute Corner Bet

This bet focuses on corners awarded in the last 5 minutes of the match. The winning rate increases significantly when betting during the final minutes of the match.

Strategies to Master Corner Betting

Analyzing Teams' Strengths and Weaknesses

Analyze the average number of corners each team has received in recent matches. Teams with higher corner averages are generally favored in this type of bet. Additionally, analyze the playing style of both teams. Teams that play with more wing attacks and dominate opponents tend to create more corner situations. Choose teams with players who excel in crossing and long-range shooting, as they often generate many corners for their team.

Evaluating Home/Away Factors

Home teams usually have a more relaxed and confident mindset, leading to more attacks and corners. Away teams often face greater psychological pressure but may push forward aggressively if they are behind, potentially creating more corners.

Monitoring Match Developments

Stay updated on injury news, yellow cards, and starting lineups before the match to have a more accurate assessment of each team's corner bet potential. Follow live match developments to capture situations that may lead to corners, allowing you to make timely and accurate betting decisions.

Managing Your Betting Funds

Instead of placing all your funds on a single bet, divide your capital into smaller portions to minimize risks and increase your chances of winning. Choose a betting strategy that aligns with your financial capacity and risk tolerance. Avoid emotional betting or going "all-in" on a single bet.


Corner betting is a potential investment channel in football betting. However, to successfully conquer this "gold mine," you need to equip yourself with football knowledge, analytical skills, and effective betting strategies. Join 8XBet in learning and honing your experience to increase your chances of winning in this exciting betting journey.


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